The DeCluttering Of My Real Estate Business

The DeCluttering Of My Real Estate Business

Probably one of the most over used terms in Real Estate, De-Cluttering. 

Mr. & Mrs. Seller: “What do you suggest we do to get our house ready to sell?”
Me, We, Us: “DeClutter, DeClutter, DeClutter”

Listing Agent (Looking for Feedback): “What can we do to make this home more Saleable?”
Me, We, Us: “How about you try and get them to DeClutter”

So why is this such an important piece of advice? Because it is true. Houses that are decluttered tend to sell for more money and in less time.

Now…can we apply this same principal to our real estate businesses? I did. Have I made more money as a result? I believe that I have.

The Decision – Going Paperless

I like to think of myself as an ‘early adopter’. I don’t try everything, but I watch and listen to those that do try everything to see what works and what doesn’t. Let’s face it, there just isn’t enough time in the day to be experimenting with every piece of tech or new social network.

As a result of this line of thinking, I actually waited until the 2nd iPad was released before I bought iPad1 or first generation. Was I the first ‘Paperless Agent” in Calgary? No. Have I been rocking it ever since I got the iPad a year and a half ago? You bet!

Once I saw those that had adapted the iPad and the cloud as a solid part of their business, I really felt they were onto something innovative, and, over time, a way of doing business that will be the norm a couple of years from now.

The decision was easy for me. No more forgetting my files at home, or forgetting to print off a part of the real estate contract that I would need. No more having to use a fax machine, scanner or a copier(actually I still use a scanner but it is on my iPad now).

I have access to all of my client files, every piece of paperwork I will ever need, scanner, email to fax, my laptop if I need it via remote access, a camera, a video camera and most importantly my CRM.

How do I Make More Money Being Paperless?

In real estate or in any business for that matter, what does Time equal? Time = Money…Right?

Embracing the paperless ‘lifestyle’ has enabled me to become more efficient in my business, give better service to my clients and as a result win more business because I have the time for effective follow through (not follow up…that is another post altogether).

In the coming weeks and months I will be talking more about being Paperless, sharing ideas and techniques, so I hope you will stick it through in the hopes that we can learn something new together.


**Kelley Skar is a Calgary Realtor who has embraced technology and made it the core of his real estate business. Kelley is a regular contributor to our blog, other industry publications and a speaker at various industry events. Join Kelley as he takes you on his journey of implementing and creating success using technology to improve his business**

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