The Kavanagh Group on myRealPage platform

The Kavanagh Group On MyRealPage Platform

The Kavanagh Group ( is another website developed and hosted on myRealPage platform that has been custom branded. The website is based on one of the stock themes, and then slightly customized to accommodate custom designed banner and graphics. The branding was done by Vancouver based realSTUDIO, graphic design and branding professionals.



A few notes bout realSTUDIO in their own words:

“Like most successful businesses, RealSTUDIO has carved out their niche by focusing on a segment that other companies overlook. RealSTUDIO offers a custom logo brand and graphic design services for real estate agents that includes everything from logos/branding to email signatures to websites to sales material – and they’ve figured out a way to do it affordably without compromising quality.

For more information, visit or contact Michelle Vella directly at 604 722-8705.”

Do you have a custom website or would like to build one: you can easily develop it or migrate it and host it on myRealPage web and listings platform and take advantage of a myriad of listings and web features that we provide. Drop us a line to

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