Winter has no chill. How to prevent your real estate sales from freezing over winter

Winter has no chill. How to prevent your real estate sales from freezing over winter

Slushy snow, frozen landscaping, dark days – it’s no secret that winter is a tough real estate season for those far from the equator. Sellers rarely want to go on the market during the colder months and buyers more often than not stay away from making purchases until spring. But there are a few tricks to help keep your real estate sales funnels strong throughout winter (and almost all of them involve property staging).

Clean Up the Exterior
Curb appeal is always a factor when it comes to grabbing interest from potential buyers, but in the winter months of the year it’s not always easy to make a striking first impression. Remind your sellers that a snow-plowed drive and walkway, proper lighting, and even a festive wreath on the front door can make all the difference in appealing to new buyers. If the property isn’t generating interest, how can you ever expect to make a sale happen?

Let There Be Light
Since daylight hours are shorter throughout the winter season, you’ll want to do your best to show properties during the day (and avoid evening showings as much as possible). Let natural light shine through wherever you can by opening all of a home’s shades and blinds, and make sure to turn on as many lights and lamps as a property will allow. Darkened spaces tend to look smaller and even unfriendly which are two huge buyer turn-offs.

Make it Feel Inviting
Winter can actually work in a seller’s favour if the space is staged to feel warm and cozy. Most people coming for an open house or showing appointment usually end up battling the cold weather elements before arrival, so imagine the kind of feeling they’d get if greeted by an inviting, warm home? Spiced candles, cookies in the oven, and a crackling fire can all work towards the cozy cabin atmosphere while also showing off a home’s special features!

Play Up the Seasonal Benefits
People don’t just buy a house for the structure itself – they’re also usually interested in the neighbourhood! If you’ve got a property that’s close to great winter activities then play those benefits up whenever possible. You might just end up nailing a sale based on a buyer’s passion for the local skating pond or ski hill, but it’s tough to do if not armed with that information from the start.

Keep Positive
Wintertime may not be the ideal real estate sales period, but it doesn’t always have to feel slow and difficult either. Work the season to your advantage by getting creative and staying positive (not just for yourself, but for your clients too). Good energy and preparedness can sometimes end up making all the difference.

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