Gas tank patch: amateurish repair curiosities and how to avoid them

Any repair is always the business of a specialist, but it's no secret that a person with hands and a basic understanding of the field can avoid service. We do not urge you to repair serious things by yourself: before any business you need to assess the extent of car issues from all sides. Except that at all times in human history there will be those who do not. We propose to tell you how not to do it by the example of such overthinkers.
In the 60s and 70s of the last century there was no Internet: drivers made do with books and "their wits". Thus, in the severe frosts of socialist and not only socialist countries, the heating system was not so effective, and sometimes simply absent. To heat the radiator we used sheets of cardboard... And also old blankets. And other things. It would seem that the world has stepped forward, but car mechanics we were able to talk to say: never was, and here again motorists come with cardboards, which cover the whole car.
Another curiosity we were told about: repair of cooling system. We used a lot of things as a coolant system flush: citric acid and vinegar. Coca-Cola won this grand prize: it was used most often. But remember: its key component is sugar, its crystals will inevitably stay on pipes of the cooling system. Then the flushing has to be done all over again. Moreover, carbonated drink inevitably provokes a scenario in which the gas expands and practically "kills" the cooling system.
Repairing the electrical aspects of the auto is really a hassle when it comes to car care. But don't act like one of the characters in our stories, who took advantage of an extra room light switch by installing this design in the car to replace a broken car switch (he did it on a toyota chaser).
And another car owner, when the brakes failed, decided to figure it out on his own. It's a really head-breaking repair, and it happens to be really expensive: and the driver did the repair himself. We don't know the details, but the car braked fine for two days, but at one point the pads failed and he managed to stop only by applying the engine brake. This happened on a highway practically full of cars in the daytime!
Remember your safety, dear motorists, and do not self-medicate without experience.

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