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Key Collector proxy

Key Collector proxy is designed for parsing keywords and compiling semantic cores of webpages. It can also be very helpful in developing a successful competitive strategy. The results of the Key Collector utility can help in planning and generating relevant and useful content, since the application collects data from successful webpages that have gained authority and popularity.

Due to the increased competition in the market of information services and the increased need for SEO specialists in collecting various kinds of information, search engines have introduced restrictions on the number of requests per unit of time. If there are a large number of requests from one IP address, search engines start using endless captchas to check if the user is real or completely block the IP-address. As a result, the productivity of a qualified SEO specialist may fall.

Proxies for Key Collector will save you from this problem. Also, proxy for key collector will simplify data collection due to the high connection speed. ProxyLine servers from will make your work with SEO not only more comfortable, but also more productive.

The proxy for the Key Collector is given to its owner.

Private proxies for Key Collector will allow you to:

  • Quickly build a semantic core. Collecting keywords manually can take more than a month. Private servers automate the process and speed up parsing. Time directly depends on the number of proxies used.
  • Make your account completely anonymous both in Key Collector. Proxyline guarantees its clients the protection of their data from third parties.
  • Protect yourself from sanctions. With excessive activity without a proxy, your IP may get blocked. As a result, the key collector will stop responding and parsing will become impossible.
  • Get rid of captcha. It needs to be entered after a certain number of requests. The more there are from one IP, the more often captcha occurs. But with our proxies, you won't have to waste time on it.

Benefits of buying proxy for Key Collector

  1. You get exclusively private proxies. Unlike public servers, they will only belong to you. This greatly reduces the risk of account blocking. Another important factor is the number of servers. If you buy Key Collector Proxy from ProxyLine (, you will benefit, as it has over 150 networks and 200 subnets. ProxyLine has addresses from countries from several continents at once. Available in the USA, Russia, England and many others.
  2. Moreover, their cost is lower than the market average. There are discounts for the rental period and the volume of the order. This is especially true for the Key Collector. After all, a SEO specialist needs more than a dozen IPs to work effectively. You will get them, and reduce the price for the purchase of 20 proxies.
  3. Do you have any questions about configuring or using a proxy for Key Collector? ProxyLine has 24/7 technical support. Its staff will help you no matter what time of day you wrote to them. In addition to chat advice, help is available via messengers. The specialist will personally demonstrate to you what to do.
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