When is it appropriate for upholstered furniture?

The modern situation on the furniture market is such that often new upholstered furniture, even realizable by prestigious, elite salons, far from complying with the stated quality. After all, in pursuit of the market for sales, many manufacturers try to save maximize so that the final cost of production is minimal and, accordingly, the furniture has enjoyed in great demand. It is truly high-quality, reliable upholstered furniture cannot cost inexpensively, because such products are made from high-quality components using professional equipment. That is why there is a dilemma in front of the consumer today: to purchase a cheap low-quality furniture kit, which after a year or two will have to update again, or once again forged on expensive, but reliable and high-quality upholstered furniture.

But in most cases there is an alternative solution. Many of us remained the furniture of the old, Soviet sample, produced then according to the strictest quality standards. That is, its base, the frame is usually a highly reliable element capable of listening for many years. If you have a similar furniture kit, it is not worth it to make a decision on its complete replacement. You should consider updating its appearance. After all, the repair of upholstered furniture 90 percent of cases consists of replacing the upholstery, filler, spring blocks, that is, the "soft" part of it. It should also be done in the case of the upholstery damage on a new high-quality upholstered furniture - such a repair will be incomparable cheaper than the acquisition of a new similar kit.

Another common situation in which customers turn to the services of a soft furniture are a change in the interior of the room, the color range of his finishes, when old, but good and reliable upholstered furniture is no longer harmonized with color solutions, dissenisles with them.

The most demanded upholstered furniture services are:

- partial / complete upholstery replacement;

- Replacing internal content: springs, polyurethane foam, sinteration, elastic belts, batting and other materials;

- replacement / repair of elements of transformation mechanisms, frame;

- Decorative finish, produced according to the wishes of the customer;

- paintwork operations, replacement / restoration of any hard structural elements;

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