Table of blackjack strategies

The whole point of playing blackjack is to decide whether to draw a card or not. On the Internet, you can find tables that contain all the card variations that you or the dealer can drop. You can download the table itself as a picture and save it to yourself, so that it is always in front of you when playing blackjack.

Whether you want to become a professional blackjack player or simply a successful blackjack player, the first step is to learn basic blackjack strategy and blackjack rules chart.

Remember that basic blackjack strategy does not guarantee victory every step of the way. It only helps to minimize your advantage over the casino. The rest depends on your luck and skill.

Useful tips when playing with the dealer in Blackjack

Take the last word on yourself. Always choose the leftmost box, as we do. Often it depends on the decisions of this person. There is such a situation when the last box has 17, and the dealer has 16, and this is a 70% winning situation, and you don't need to collect, but there is such a pro who gets himself 10 and thereby saves the dealer from busting. So take the key decision always with you.

Be smart. It happens that you are sitting on the last box, and you have 12, you need any card except 10, but there were no 10 on 6 boxes in front of you and there were only small cards, in this situation it is better to stop, not to type more, although the table will stipulate the opposite, sometimes you need to turn on your ingenuity, according to the theory of probability, it is very close to what will be just a dozen.

Play by doublings. If you have a reserve of funds, play with doublings, increasing your bet by x2 each time. Stock is when you have about 5-6 overlaps, and not when you only have funds to overlap the next bet.

Stop in time. If you have a streak of victories of 10-15, you should take a break, relax to do other things, or at least move to another table. You say: - yes, how is it? When playing, do not forget that you are playing with a casino, which in most cases is in the long run, so if the dealer loses 15 times, it is likely that everything will change soon.

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