Signs of the zodiac and their elements: brief description

Since ancient times, people have followed the night sky, as a result of which the concept of a zodiac circle appeared consisting of 12 characters. However, our ancestors believed that in addition to the mentioned signs there are so-called elements, which also determine the character of a person, his attachment and even fate. Therefore, it is impossible to find out the complete characteristic of a certain sign of the zodiac without knowing the elements to which it belongs.

What are the elements?

There are four of them four: Spirit, space, time and matter. On this division of all the things they also spoke in Buddhism, in other Eastern religions. And now, even modern scientists are adhered to him, which, of course, only aligns the importance of this approach. Each certain element correlates with four elements: fire, water, earth and air. Thus, the entire zodiacal circle is divided into four sections, each of which includes 3 characters.

Element of fire

This element belongs to the category "Spirit". It includes Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These are the most energetic and enterprising people, ready to lead the team, take responsibility or become led by some business. Their distinctive feature is determination, which draws strength from an infinite source of deep creative abilities. People of such a warehouse of character easily find exits from difficult situations, but it is possible to them with the help of excellent intuition and resourcefulness.

Element of water

Water is time. This element includes such signs: cancer, scorpion and fish. People born under this element are distinguished by extremely accurate intuition. They have a well-developed imagination, because they can often be found to be worked in the field of art or science. These signs give the palm of the championship of their priorities to continue the genus, because of them often get wise parents or mentors.

Earth element

Matter personifies with the elements of the Earth. These include Capricorn, Tales and Virgin. This is the signs of material stability. People born in this element are better than others understand how to successfully earn and live a full-fledged life. Among them are many travelers and writers, as well as teachers, because the ability to explain and be the focus of attention for them means being in its plate.

Element of air

The element of air personifies the space and combines the following signs: twins, scales and aquarius. These people are better than others adapt to change. Their world is extremely concise, because they prefer to feel space, and not litten it. These people are undemanding to others, which you can not say about them to themselves. We know what free spins casino promo codes are and how to activate them
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