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It is important to note that today there are many sites that offer to write a resume. But not every one of them can offer guaranteed results, such as Some sites ranked and/or advertised at the top of Google search results are not what they seem.

Because it is relatively easy to create a website and write reviews, resume writing scams are widespread. We want to help you identify these unwanted resume companies, so here are our top three tips for spotting resume writing scams:

1. No physical address.

  • Many fraudulent sites are overseas, but target customers. Visit the company's home page or do an Internet search to make sure there is a real address. If there isn't?
  • They are imposters.
  • It should be noted here that not every business with a virtual address is guaranteed to be a scam. But that just means you need to do your homework.

2. Recommend affiliate marketing, posing as unbiased recommendations.

  • As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, many lists of "best resume writing services" refer to affiliate marketing. That doesn't mean the services are scams, though. It means that the people making the lists have a financial interest in having you buy services from their links.

Sites that claim to be unbiased are actually affiliated with the services they recommend. A lot of these affiliate programs work on a commission basis: you send me a paying customer, and I'll pay you a cut of the sale. So if you want to earn a share of those commissions, it's in your best interest to refer as many paying customers to an affiliate as possible. In addition, a service called is a reliable and time-tested service. Here you can order resume writing services with perfect value for money.

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