5 Drip Marketing Email Ideas Every Real Estate Business Needs

5 Drip Marketing Email Ideas Every Real Estate Business Needs

One of the hardest challenges of running a real estate business is to stay top-of-mind for past clients, and to entice and build rapport with potential clients.

In an industry that’s as competitive and time-sensitive as real estate, this task is much easier said than done. However, one of the most effective and simple ways to attract continued or new business is to leverage a method called drip marketing.

Drip marketing is the strategic execution of scheduled marketing emails to targeted groups. Think of it as a personalized newsletter to specific categories of client contacts.

A poorly-run drip email marketing campaign can be annoying, too vague, or seen as spam by email subscribers. A well-run campaign on the other hand, can be interesting, relevant and provide value to your network — it can even bring you more business!

The two most important factors of running a successful campaign are timing and personalization. Emails that are too frequent will inevitably end up in the trash, and ones that are too general will make your recipient feel like just a number. To make things simple, remember that the subtext of every email sent out to clients should be: “This is how I can offer value and help you out – let’s chat!”

Highlighted below are a few examples of effective email ideas you can use for your real estate business. Craft them in your own voice.

The “Latest Homes on the Market” Email

Who this is for: Prospective clients and home buyer leads.
What to include:

  • Start with a friendly greeting to welcome the reader into your community.
  • Next, share an updated (but brief) preview of listings that includes comprehensive vital details like asking price, home dimensions, location, and a nice photo.
  • Include a link leading to your website to view further details, as well as other listings.
  • End with a thank-you for reading and a simple call to action with your personal contact info for interested readers.

Variations: This email can also be customised for specific recipients. For example: sort them by geographical area, property type (a growing family will not want to look at the same listings as a young working professional), or price range. The intent of this email is to show potential customers that you are a proactive and available agent, and an informed member of the community.

The “Market Update” Email

Who this is for: Past clients and home seller leads.

What to include:

  • Begin with a timely holiday or warm greeting that reminds the reader of who you are.
  • Share a point-form synopsis of up-to-date housing market stats like mortgage rates, home values in the area and other relevant information.
  • Include a link to your website where the reader can have more in-depth insights.
  • End with a friendly notice encouraging readers to forward the email to contacts who may benefit from your analysis.
  • Include a thank-you for their past business and express appreciation for their patronage.

Variations: This email can be sent out to a client list that’s been categorized by specific property types already purchased. This message is used to build credibility with your contacts and to increase transparency with them, making them feel like they are receiving “insider information.”


The “Cool or Useful Content” Email

Who this is for: Recent buyers and home buyer/seller leads.

What to include:

  • Start with a personalised greeting, reminding the reader who you are and of your business’s value proposition. (Also include a thank you for the recent buyer!).
  • Share a list of relevant blog topics that may include: “Reasons people love living in your neighbourhood,” “Free homeowner online resources,” or “Top interior design trends of the year.”
  • Don’t forget to link to each of these articles on your website.
  • End with a personalized thank-you for subscribing.

Variations: This email could vary greatly depending on the blogs that are topical at the time. This email format should not be used very frequently, but around four times a year to roundup the best information from your expertise. This email is used to remind readers of your presence and to provide valuable and relevant content to them.


The “Personal Update” Email

Who this is for: Past and current clients, other industry contacts and friends.

What to include:

  • Begin with a heartfelt hello and a personal, non-industry related update.
  • Describe some company and personal milestones, including info on recently sold properties or notable special accomplishments.
  • Include an invitation to share updates or news with you in return.

Variations: This message can be sent out once a year and can differ depending on your relationship with the recipient. For example, an industry contact would get more professionally-related news to encourage collaboration, versus a past client or friend who would get more personal updates. The intent of this message is to remind contacts of your brand, competence and continued relationship. Think of it like a digital catch-up.


The Inquiry Email

Who this is for: Site visitors and email subscribers who are not categorized.

What to include:

  • Start with a friendly greeting and a thank-you for being part of your community.
  • Share a preview of the services and online resources you offer, such as relevant real estate blog posts, recent sales accomplishments, and customer testimonials.
  • Include a query about the type of service or information they are interested in.

Variations: This email can be positioned as a direct acknowledgement of a potential professional working relationship. Or, it could be more of a customized content survey. The intent of this email is to make the most of the contacts who are not in a position to buy or sell just yet, but who can be leveraged in the future. Categorizing them into a certain list or type can also help you provide more relevant information to their inbox.

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