Did You Know You Already Have A Mobile MLS Search Tool?

Did you know your myRealPage subscription includes access to an amazing GPS enabled mobile MLS search tool? Plenty of you are already using this feature but if you’re not, read on and let’s change that!

All the buzz these days is about mobile products that enhance a consumers experience and ability to accomplish ‘things’ on the go. Real Estate is no exception.

Just use your regular website address but add /m to the end. So if your website address is johnnyrealtor.com you would use johnnyrealtor.com/m on your mobile device’s browser. 

You, your clients or prospects can use the mobile MLS search to find properties on the go. It starts with a map showing all homes for sale within a kilometre of ones location. From there you can narrow down the criteria to only see homes that match what is desired.

You can view all the property information, details, description, images, even floor plans right on your mobile device. Users can call you, text you or email you right from the property they are viewing on their phone.

The coolest part? It will even follow you as you drive or walk! throughout a neighbourhood and update the screen with the listings near you.

No more being tied to a home computer to search real estate. Cliche alert: the power is in the palm of your hand! No more wondering about a home with a for sale sign. Open the mobile MLS search and click on the listing and there it is.

Sure I may be biased, but I have long thought this was a game changer for Realtors and consumers.

How do you access this great tool?

On any smartphone or tablet enter /m after your domain name i.e janedoe.com/m. You’ll be asked for permission for the device to user your location and that’s it. The myRealPage mobile MLS search will display all the listings around you. You can also choose to save a link with your branding to your home screen for easy access in the future.

Give it a go and if you have any questions let us know. Otherwise get ready to add an amazing tool to your real estate marketing arsenal.

Learn more about the latest features of the mobile MLS search here.

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