Features – Website

Quick List

100% Responsive – All myRealPage website templates and features work perfectly on desktop as well as on and mobile device.

Ready in Minutes – Fast, easy, hassle-free set up! Pick a template, add your content and information, and your website is ready to go.

Looks Amazing – Take your pick from our wide selection of sleek, modern, beautifully-designed website themes.

Automatic Listings – Never have to manually add and update listings again! Your and/or your board’s listings are automatically added, and its status and details are also automatically updated in case of any changes.

Easy to Edit – No coding required! Each section of your myRealPage site can be easily edited, moved, and customized via our intuitive and flexible CMS.

MLS® Listings Search Tools – All myRealPage sites are powered by the best MLS® listings search tools on the market. Easily create custom and predefined searches!

Integrated Social Media – Easily bring visitors from your website to your social media channels and vice versa, with our built-in social media sharing tools.

Lead Generation – Each myRealPage site is designed to help you generate, manage, and convert leads. Site tools and forms are used to encourage visitors to sign up and provide contact information, which then gets automatically saved and filed for you.

Market Insight – Available in select markets, Market Insight is an exciting new platform that will generate high-quality home seller and buyer leads. Site visitors can simply fill out a form themselves to request a customized market report that contains invaluable MLS® market information.

Themes & Design

100% Responsive – myRealPage’s fully-responsive site templates are guaranteed to work and display correctly on any platform and mobile device.

Modern Designs – Enjoy our wide selection of sleek, up-to-date, and beautifully-designed website themes.

New Themes – New site themes are continually added on a regular basis, so you’ll always have something new to choose from!

Swap Themes Anytime – Feeling the need to change your website’s look? No problem! Quickly swap website themes with only a few clicks.

Customizable – Customize your myRealPage website any way you want! Easily add text, videos, images, forms, and other content anywhere on your website.

Premium Themes – Want to turn it up a notch? We can help you polish your website even further with custom realtor logos and branding, enhanced agent photos, custom buttons, and much more, with our premium themes!

Easy Editing

Edit Anything – From top to bottom, you can edit every page and section on your myRealPage website.

Easy To Edit – Thanks to our powerful and intuitive site editing platform, easily edit any part of your website. Edit content, move and resize sections, add or remove pages and menus, all with a few clicks.

Unlimited Content – Add as many pages and subpages as you want! Publish an unlimited number of blog entries! Include as many photos and videos as you need!

Staging Area – In the middle of editing and redesigning your website? We provide a unique staging area so that you can be sure that everything looks good before it gets published and viewed publicly!

Change history/revert – Decided that you don’t like the changes you made? No problem. Simply check your change history and easily revert back to a previous version of your website with a few clicks.

Weblets – Our unique site-editing platform uses “weblets” which allows you to quickly and easily make changes to individual parts of your site. No need to worry about affecting other parts on a page, in case you make a mistake!

Advanced editing options – Happen to know code? Our CMS also allows options for advanced users to make specific changes on their own.

MLS® Listings & IDX

Your Listings – Easily include ALL of your listings on your website in a few easy steps! You can even include your board’s listings, if you want to!

Automatic Listings – Never have to manually add and update listings again! Your and/or your board’s listings are automatically added, and its status and details are also automatically updated in case of any changes.

Unlimited listings – It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 1000 listings. Add them all to your website for absolutely free!

Listing results and detail views – Choose how much detail you want to include in listing search results, and customize how it gets displayed to visitors.

Predefined Searches – Specialize in a certain property type or cater to a specific niche? Help your target clientele find what they’re looking for by setting up and displaying predefined searches on your website.

New Themes – New site themes are continually added on a regular basis, so you’ll always have something new to choose from!

HoodQ Neighbourhood Highlighs – myRealPage is proud to announce that we’ve recently partnered up with HoodQ, Canada’s largest provider of curated address and neighbourhood reports, in order to provide your listings with a quick snapshot of nearby schools and parks, as well as relevant transit data.

Listing Showcase with Various Styles – Got specific listings that you’d really like to give a boost to? Easily feature them on your website, and even share it on other websites in either slideshow or grid views!

MLS® Listings Search & IDX

MLS® Listings Search – Make use of the best MLS® listings search tools in the market! Include all your listings, and if you choose to, even your office’s, or your board’s. Also compatible with reciprocity and VOW!

Google Map – Choose to display an interactive Google Map that visitors can check out in order to see what listings are available in the location they’re interested in.

Area – Specializing in specific neighborhoods? With area search, you can let visitors look for listings in neighborhoods and locations that you have selected.

Advanced Search – Provide visitors and prospects additional search options to help them find what they’re looking for. Choices include property types, number of rooms and baths, price ranges, etc.

MLS®# Search – Have the option to check out specific listings according to their MLS® number.

Address Search – Let prospects easily search for listings according to address information such as the street, number, city, and postal code.

Sold Listings Data – Adding sold data to your website is an amazing tool to get leads! Potential clients will go to your website to find your sold data, but they’ll need to register on your site to view them. They get access to recently sold listings in the area they desire and you get their contact info.

Quick Search – Add these small, friendly quick search forms throughout your website to encourage visitors to begin their property search!

Lead Generation & VOW

VOW – Convert visitors into leads by providing Virtual Office Websites (VOWs) in exchange for free sign ups! You get quality leads, while they’ll be able to save listings, mark them as favorites, add notes, as well as receive updates and alerts.

CRM Integration – Connect with other CRMs using our import or export tools. Choose to manage your leads with the internal leads manager or use a third party tool.

Lead Management Module – Gain valuable information about your visitors and prospects with our built-in lead generation module. See how often they log in to VOW, check out what their saved searches are, and what have they marked as favourites.

Pervasive Lead Gen – myRealPage helps you get leads via forms and features that encourage visitors to interact with your site in exchange for access to useful tools and functions.

Import/Export Contacts – Got an existing address book? Easily import contacts into your myRealPage lead manager, and know that you can just as easily export everything later on, and in the format that you need.

Social & Blogging

Blogging Platform – A blog is a great way to boost your online exposure! Publish an unlimited number of blog posts, and include as many photos and videos as you want. Users can subscribe to your blog feed, as well as share it on social media.

Social Media Tools – All myRealPage websites come with built-in social media functions. Easily include links to your social media channels to drive visitors there as well!

Facebook Embedded Listings – Want to share your listings over on Facebook? No problem. All your listings can be easily shared and embedded!

Video Embedding – Video is also a great way to market your business. myRealPage websites fully support video embedding from a variety of online video hosting and streaming sites.

Social Sharing Buttons – All of your pages, posts, and listings automatically have social media sharing buttons to help your content gain even more exposure.


Easy SEO Meta, Tags, etc Editing – Get found online! Boost your traffic as well as your SEO ranking and stats via easy to access and easy to edit tags and meta information.

Indexable Listing Content – All of your site’s pages and listings are indexable in order to drive traffic to your website and get your listings found by users via Google and other search engines.

Editable Image Alt Tags – Easily edit alt tags on images you upload to help your content get found even faster!

Site & Listing Analytics – Track your website’s activity and discover details about your site visitors’ demographics and surfing habits via Google Analytics integration. Get to know your audience!

Indexable Sitemap – All myRealPage websites automatically come with both indexable HTML and XML sitemaps to help the search engines find you faster.

Editable Image Alt Tags – Easily edit alt tags on images you upload to help your content get found even faster!


Responsive so it works – Thanks to our fully-responsive site themes, your website is guaranteed to be displayed and to function perfectly on any mobile device.

Mobile Ready – Your myRealPage website automatically adjusts to display the way it should be, to make sure you’re not missing out on potential clients and leads!

GPS-Enabled Search – With GPS-enabled searches, users can easily find your listings that are within 1km of their current location, and it also provides them with maps and directions to help them locate the property you’re offering.

Full Listing Details & Photos – Whether it’s viewed on a phone or tablet, all of the details, photos, maps, videos, etc. that are included in the listing are displayed.

Shared Domain Name with a Desktop Version – No need to worry about getting clients to remember a different address for your website when they’re on the go, as your mobile site shares the same address as the desktop version.

Mobile Lead Generation – Get your mobile site to keep gathering leads for you! All listings display your contact details, and users can easily message or call you with a quick tap. VOW sign up is also made easy, with a one-step log in via Facebook, Gmail, or Yahoo.