Four Ways to Use Live-Streaming Apps for Your Real Estate Business

Four Ways to Use Live-Streaming Apps for Your Real Estate Business

Staying on top of social media is important for any business. For online marketplaces like real estate, it’s even more important. There are countless reasons to engage your audiences on various social media platforms — to stay relevant, creative and innovative. In addition to the more well-known platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, there are a few new apps that help audiences stay even more connected.

Two of these apps are Meerkat and Periscope, social media platforms that let users live-broadcast video as it happens. Think of it as being somewhere (for free) without having to leave the comfort of your own home or office. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s an opportunity to share your life as it happens to mass audiences and create online connections like never before. From fashion week to live news coverage, this video streaming service is here to stay.

Here are four ways you can leverage live-streaming video apps and incorporate them into a fresh and fun real estate business. Maybe your kids will finally stop saying you’re not “with it.”

Open Houses

An obvious method of using live streaming video is to set up a virtual open house for clients who may be unavailable or living remotely. Schedule a time for viewers to tune in and watch as you walk around the property with your phone. Take time to talk about each room as well as answer any questions clients send in — the live aspect is perfect for this! Not only will you be able to reach more prospective buyers, you’ll also be able to interest potential buyers by building an online presence and friendly rapport with them.

DIY Home Projects

A home requires a lot of maintenance. So why not help out your past (and maybe future clients) by showing them how to do a few home projects? Examples could range in difficulty level from how to weather-proof windows, to how to patch up dry wall. Viewers will enjoy watching and learning along with you as you complete these mini renovations.

Realtor Q&A

Homeowners, prospective homeowners, renters, and landlords alike have lots of questions about real estate. As an expert in the industry, apps like Meerkat and Periscope can be leveraged to share your knowledge. Host a live Question and Answer period on one of the platforms and help your clients and friends address any questions or concerns they may have about the marketplace. It’s also a great tune-in for anyone who is just entering the market and interested in learning more from a first-hand perspective.

Consumer/Home Shows

Everyone knows that home and garden shows at convention centres are a nightmare of people, signage and bulky furniture. So what if you could watch a curated and comfortable session without having to move at all? Bring your apps along to consumer and home shows and show your clients what they have to offer. Chances are they will be thankful for what you’re showing them and remember you for next time!

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