New wizard for myRealPage Embeddable Listings and IDX

New Wizard For MyRealPage Embeddable Listings And IDX

myRealPage has just published a pretty large update to its Listings product. I am especially thrilled about one of its components: the new wizard for the Embeddable Listings and IDX. You may already know that we have been offering a “portable” listings and IDX for a while now.

So far, our users have been able to embed from a fairly long but static list of scriptlets, that included agent and office listings, predefined searches and forms. Now, we have greatly boosted what you can do with the Embeddable Listings and IDX; and to help you do it, we have created a special wizard. Now, you basically have the same functionality and latitude in selecting what listings content you would like to show on your 3rd party website, as clients with native myRealPage websites. This means you can combine individual hand-picked listings with listing groups, such agent listings and predefined searches. You can embed standard search forms, you can embed individual listings; and you can also embed your listings categories, based on custom labels or listing status, such as “ACTIVE”, “SOLD”, type, etc.


In addition to being able to select virtually any listing content you like, you can also configure each embeddable code to have

  • a custom width
  • a certain basic color theme
  • a certain template
  • a certain sorting order
  • and a bunch of other visual and functional options

What you may also find useful, is that you can now fully create and edit your Predefined Searches and Search Forms right out of this wizard; basically never needing to go to another interface to finish the job. I know some of you have been asking for this.

We have also “webified” this wizard and made it accessible completely in your browser. If you would rather not have to login into the Private Office to configure your Embeddable Listing codes, simply go here and login.

Here are a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

Notice, editing tools for Predefined Searches below:


Individual Listing screen, notice the options available:


Search Form screen, notice the options available for form, as well as editing tools:


And here is how you get the embeddable listing code:



Let me know what you think: hope you like it.

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