“Take it from someone who really knows…”

"Take it from someone who really knows..."

I got this today from our Customer Support. These sorts of emails make my day! 🙂 I should start publishing more of them. I do like the metrics that follow the “…someone who really knows…” Really shows that they do!

Take it from someone who really knows.

Having been on the supplier end of real estate web sites since 1998, four months ago I began my own real estate career. It was a no-brainer that I chose MyRealPage to provide my web services. The power of their offering at the price they offer it is remarkable in itself.

Tech support is prompt, courteous and thorough. Customization allows me to evolve the content that benefits my search ranking and brand exposure while the user interface allows my prospects to conveniently search for properties at their leisure.

In the first four mouths I have had 892 unique visitors with 1,400 separate visits. The month over month growth is averaging over 50% and it’s accelerating. The website is on track to host over 300 unique visitors in its 4th month. These are 300 prospects that are likely NOT going to my competitors’ sites.

I have 7 leads turned into client prospects on the website, 5 more called me directly and I listed my first million dollar property from my website 3 days ago. All this in the first 4 months, what will happen in 4 years?

If you ask me about which web site company to choose, MyRealPage is my top choice.

Rebecca Benedict – www.benedictdevlin.com

Coldwell Banker OnTrack Realty Red Deer”

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