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Hello, my name is Bill Skrypnyk. I am the Technical Director at myRealPage.com and I have decided to start a “Cookbook” series of “HOW-TO” articles for MyRealPage Websites and Listing solutions for Real Estate.

MyRealPage has developed a very extensive and impressive line of products to service the Real Estate industry, agents and brokers alike. Our websites have been conceived not only as a platform to publish content, but also as valuable tools for web visitors. Our tightly integrated Listing solution allows web visitors to our clients’ websites to search Real Estate listings through a variety of interactive, highly usable forms, as well as organize their findings through saved searches and favorites; be notified of market changes in the listings they are looking for, etc. Our Website product automatically provides an opportunity for web visitors to become a member of our clients’ websites which, in our opinion, is indispensible in converting an anonymous web visitor to an identifiable “lead”.
Our product offerings have grown vastly in the past few years as MyRealPage has invested considerable resources to make a product that is both competitively priced and highly flexible to address the great variety of our clients’ needs.
As our products grew, we realized that we need to do a much better job educating our clients and those interested about the exciting and “cool” things you can do with MyRealPage websites and listings. I hope you will come back often to read my “Cookbook Recipies”.
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