Listen and Learn: The 5 Best Podcasts For Real Estate Agents

You’re a real estate agent. Chances are you spend a lot of time in the car.

Here’s a realtor productivity hack: swap your true crime podcast for a podcast for real estate agents.

The right real estate podcast can inspire, encourage and educate, equipping you with actionable advice and a renewed sense of motivation.

Here are the five podcasts for real estate agents — as recommended by agents!

The Over Ask Podcast

The Broke Agent, the leading real estate meme Instagram account, is one of the co-hosts but that doesn’t mean this real estate podcast is just for laughs.

The Over Ask is one of the most popular podcasts amongst real estate agents because of how practical and actionable it is.

The hosts (both agents themselves) bring on real estate professionals to talk shop, ask the right questions, uncover insights and advice, and poke lighthearted fun at the industry. As the tagline says, “average real estate agents with mild social media fame pick the brains of industry giants.”

It’s quick-paced, educational and entertaining. Expect topics ranging from how to market your real estate business on YouTube to knowing when to switch brokerages.

The Ninja Selling Podcast

If sales tips and tricks are what you’re after, Ninja Selling is your best bet.

Hosted by two coaches of Ninja Selling — a sales training system — this podcast is focused on helping real estate agents, mortgage professionals and other salespeople improve their selling ability and grow their business.

You’ll get inspiring interviews with top-producing agents from across the U.S., strategies to implement in your own real estate business and insight into the psychology of selling and client relationships.

It’s all delivered in an energizing, highly motivational tone — a great one to listen to during your morning commute.

Real Estate Uncensored

Real estate agents love this podcast for how wide-ranging and accessible it is.

The episodes cover every real estate topic under the sun, from artificial intelligence to real estate branding to lead generation to working with difficult people.

It’s co-hosted by two real estate agents who bring on top agents and other experts to share their stories and words of wisdom.

If you’re looking for timely information and advice on all aspects of your business, not just sales, then you’ll enjoy Real Estate Uncensored.

The Tom Ferry Experience

As the top real estate coach and speaker in North America, you can expect a solid podcast from Tom Ferry. Nearly a thousand glowing reviews in Apple’s podcast library don’t lie.

Ferry’s brand is upbeat and energizing, and that’s exactly the tone of each episode.

Monday episodes are bite-sized (usually a minute or so in length) doses of motivation. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday episodes are full-length, covering strategies, real-life agent experiences and coaching.

The show boasts nearly 1000 published episodes, plenty with evergreen advice. When you’re out of new podcast episodes, you can keep coming back to Tom Ferry to mine the archives.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

This podcast is the only one on this list that’s not specifically about real estate.

Jordan Harbinger, a Wall Street lawyer, interviews all kinds of people on his show, from athletes to scientists to actors to business leaders.

What unites them all is that they’re at the top of their game. In each conversation, Harbinger is mining for insight and wisdom that the listener can apply to their careers and personal lives.

His style is approachable and laidback, the guests are impressive and the conversations are highly engaging. (That winning formula is what landed this podcast on Apple’s best-of list in 2018.)

When you want to listen to something entertaining and inspiring that isn’t about generating real estate leads or developing a real estate marketing strategy, give the Jordan Harbinger Show a go. It’s a great listen at the end of a long day.

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