Play and Print: New Listing Feature Sheets arrive in the web Private Office

Play And Print: New Listing Feature Sheets Arrive In The Web Private Office

We are very pleased to release a complete re-work on our Listing Feature Sheets. The new feature sheets have been completely redesigned and rethought and brought in line with the rest of the new Private Office. Our main design goal was to have the feature sheets produce great-looking results out-of-the-box but also give you fine control over customizations and adjustments which are inevitable when dealing with printed material. As a result, the new feature sheets pack a powerful interactive editor and easy-to-use tools.

We have created a quick video with the main highlights of the feature sheets.


At a glimpse, here is what the new feature sheets will let you do:

  • Produce a great looking marketing leaflet for your listing out-of-the-box, with no or minimal adjustments necessary
  • Edit any text on the feature sheet by simply clicking on it and editing
  • Change, remove, or edit table-based features of the listing
  • Change, zoom and pan photos; as well as change photos and images at will
  • Resize nearly any element on the feature sheet
  • Show or hide nearly any element on the feature sheet
  • Customize branding banner
  • Save feature sheets for later use to avoid losing changes
  • Save feature sheets as templates to use your customizations on other listings
  • Google map and QR code are automatically placed on the feature but can be further removed or customized


We hope you enjoy your new feature sheets. Let us know what you think:

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