Tips from the Top: Advice from Luxury Real Estate Agents

Tips from the Top: Advice from Luxury Real Estate Agents

Real estate has many levels of clientele and various types of properties. But this doesn’t mean that selling techniques and strategies are all that different.

Whether it’s a studio apartment or a lavish luxury home, a realtor’s first and foremost job is to help homeowners find a house they are happy to call home. For high-end properties and realtors who sell luxury real estate, this still holds true. Here are some more tips from the top.

Stay humble

No matter the celebrity status of your client, remember that you are still working as a salesperson for them. This advice comes via Tomer Fridman, the Kardashians’ real estate agent. From cleaning up coyote poop to climbing into attics, Tomer says he is not above doing any of it. This tip is important for all realtors to keep in mind, as a reminder that you are in a position of providing excellent service and care to all of your clients, no matter who they are.

Go above and beyond

Another tip from Fridman is to go above and beyond your responsibilities as a realtor so that your clients feel your kindness and understand your passion for your work. One thing that he offers is a concierge service for all his clients, available at no additional charge. While this isn’t something that all realtors can afford, it’s a good mindset to have. Why not provide your clients with an unexpected perk? A seasonal greeting card, a small treat or a welcome gift for new homeowners are a few ideas. Providing a little something extra goes a long way in the service industry.

Take unconventional meetings

For mother-daughter team Kimberly and Beverly Gold of Gibson International in California, one tip is to take business meetings outside of the office. One thing they enjoy doing is taking 6AM hikes to discuss negotiation strategies or long-term growth plans. A change of scenery is a great stimulant for the mind and finding outside shared interests, especially ones that get the blood flowing, are practical and healthy ways to connect with other members of the brokerage.

Use the property strengths to find your crowd

Understand the special features of the home you are selling and find a buyer whose personality and lifestyle fits in with it. For luxury realtor Raymond Bolduc, this means throwing a party in the estates he is selling as a means of advertising and attracting the right clientele. Think of it as a lavish open house. Although not all real estate agents can do this, this does translate into creating events and open houses that match the personality and interests of the homebuyers you are trying to attract.




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