What Sets You Apart as a Realtor? Here’s How to Find Out

What Sets You Apart As A Realtor? Here’s How To Find Out

As a realtor, you are not a unique snowflake.

There are over a million real estate agents actively working in North America. There are dozens in your region alone, and most of them are probably friendly, competent, hirable people.

In order to win business, you need to stand out from the crowd. You have to identify what makes you different, and sell that difference. Any good real estate agent has a unique offering, something that makes them a better option for some clients than other realtors; you need to discover your particular niche, and put it to work for you.

Here are three ways to help you figure out what your niche is, and begin using it to help you stand out as a realtor.

1. Define Your Values

A successful business knows its values, and uses those values to guide its branding, messaging and decisions.

Knowing your values as a realtor and letting them define your business can help set you apart.

Aim high and be more specific than “providing good customer service.” For example: if you make an effort to be reachable seven days a week, then accessibility could be one of your values.

To help identify your business values, consider the good and bad experiences you’ve had recently, as a customer. How did each of those experiences leave you feeling? Chances are, those feelings are what you want to provide or avoid providing to your own customers.

If, for example, a bank representative didn’t take the time to explain a complex matter to you, you may have felt cut out of the process; maybe collaboration and transparency are two values, as a realtor, that you are dedicated to exuding.

2. Figure Out Your Value Proposition

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client who’s shopping around for a realtor. Each time they consider an agent, they’re asking themselves: what will I get from this realtor, versus the last one?

Your value proposition should attempt to answer that question, and offer a real benefit.

Consider your experience, any areas of focus, your successes, and your interests. If, for example, you’ve sold dozens of condo units and have been quoted in newspaper articles about high-rise living, then your value proposition could be built around condo expertise.

Your value proposition doesn’t have to be focused on the types of dwellings you sell; it could relate to the kind of buyer you’re experienced at helping, a location you know like the back of your hand, or personal facts or traits (maybe you’re a first-generation Canadian who knows personally the struggles new immigrants face when looking to buy a home).

3. Build a Consistent Brand Presence

Your values and value proposition should now be used to build a brand identity and presence that is consistent, and unmistakably yours.

Adapt your value proposition to serve as a tagline for your website, social media accounts and print materials.

Choose colours and imagery that represent your values and proposition, and use them, consistently, on every print and digital marketing material that you produce.

When you’re writing copy for your website or describing yourself and your business to someone else, treat your values and proposition as a guide. Consistency is key; it’s what establishes you as a familiar identity.

You should also undertake activities that bolster your identity and value proposition. If, like in the previous example, you’re a first-generation Canadian who focuses on new immigrants, then look for ways to participate in that community. Volunteer, attend and/or organize events, and contribute articles or blog posts on relatable topics.

We’re about to head into a brand new year of sales, buyers and competition. Have you uncovered what sets you apart? If not, start with the above tips.


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