Your Listings on Craigslist in a Jiffy

Your Listings On Craigslist In A Jiffy
The Problem: When you promote your listings and decide that you would like to post them on Craigslist, you may find yourself needing to re-enter listing information into web forms and also needing to format it to make it presentable. Even if you copy-and-paste this information (there are 8-9 fields on the craigslist form!), you will still probably find it too repetitive and unnecessary when you multiply it by the number of listings you want to post.
The Solution: MyRealPage has created an easy tool to “paste” one or more of your listings into Craigslist while avoiding any repetitive chores. The process is still manual and tagets one listing at a time (as dictated by the Craigslist terms of use) but it is now reduced to just a few clicks per listing, without any typing or copying-and -pasting. This makes it possible for you to post a listing in just a few seconds!
Each listing that you post is nicely formatted and includes all the listing photos. It also contains links that connect the posting to its full details view on your website, as well as links that take the reader to your listing searches and your other listings. In addition, you can specify a default header and footer, as well as custom contact banner for each posting. This may be useful if you decide to brand your listings on craigslist in a consistent banner (TIP: do you have an image that you use for your email banner? why not use it for craigslist default header?)
It is hard to underestimate how important it is to give your listings maximum exposure to the public. Craigslist is a very popular classifieds website and by posting there, you are likely to catch the eye of many home sellers and buyers who frequent it. Having your website links in each of your listing postings will help drive web traffic to your website, create leads and increase sales. We hope that we are able to make your job easier for you with this helpful tool.
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Watch this helpful video that shows you how quickly you can post your listings on craigslist:
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