Why You? How to Create a Convincing Real Estate Unique Value Proposition

When buyers and sellers are deciding between agents, they usually ask a pretty big question: “Why you?”

It’s a deceptively simple question. Because a good answer — a persuasive answer — can be hard to come up with. 

Knowing how to answer “why you?” clearly, confidently and convincingly is key to winning clients. And it all comes down to your unique value proposition

A unique value proposition is what defines you as a real estate agent and sets you apart from other agents. It sums up what you do and how you do it, helping clients to understand why they should pick you above anyone else.

Every real estate agent should have a unique value proposition. So in this post, we’re talking about how to create one.

Keep reading for a guide to distilling your services and selling points, and uncovering what sets you apart. Here’s how to create a convincing real estate unique value proposition.

Step 1: Analyze Your Client and Their Needs

The whole point of a unique value proposition is that it tells potential clients why you’re the best person to serve their needs.

It makes sense then to start by taking a good look at your target client.

This is where real estate client personas really come in handy. Client personas are detailed descriptions of specific people who represent your target clients. They help real estate agents analyze their ideal clients, so they can better reach them. 

If you work with buyers and sellers, you may want to create a unique value proposition for each group. Either way, it helps to create personas that reflect both buyers and sellers. 

Answer the following questions for your target buyer and target seller:

  • Who are they? 
  • What are their likes and dislikes? 
  • What are their challenges? 
  • What do they need from their real estate agent?

Step 2: Analyze Your Services and Offerings

Once your buyer and seller personas are in place, it’s time to turn the spotlight on yourself. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What services do I offer?
  • What unique skills, experience and connections do I bring to the table?
  • How do I generate great results for my clients?


Step 3: Connect Your Client’s Needs With Your Value

You’ve analyzed your target clients and you’ve analyzed your business. Now you have to connect the two.

More specifically, you have to establish how your services benefit your target clients, and what value your clients get from those benefits.

Let’s say you’re an agent who focuses on luxury real estate. Maybe you’ve partnered with luxury real estate firms in every major city across the country. 

That’s a huge benefit to your target seller client. Why? Because it offers major value — the ability to get their listing in front of a much bigger pool of qualified potential buyers.


Step 4: Write It Out

So how does all of the above actually come together to form a real estate unique value proposition?

Here are a few examples:

  • As the top condo real estate agent in Toronto, John Smith makes it his business to understand the condo business better than anyone else. From new construction to existing stock, and sleek bachelor suites to family-friendly homes with a view. With an impressive track record, extensive industry knowledge and the inside scoop on the best buildings, John is who condo buyers and sellers trust most.
  • For 25 years, the Jane Brown Realty Group has been a trusted name in luxury real estate. With the largest portfolio of luxury properties in the Greater Toronto Area and through partnerships with luxury real estate groups in Vancouver, Banff, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal, we reach elite buyers and sellers across the country. Our clients come to us for our expertise, connections, taste, discretion and trust.
  • How you buy and sell homes has changed. I’m here to meet you where you’re at. Insight-backed decision-making, the right tech solutions applied in the right way, and a digital-first approach means I’ll get your house sold quickly, transparently and smoothly — all with a caring, human touch. Looking for a modern yet personalized real estate experience? I’m your real estate agent. 

Step 5: Put It to Work

Formulating a real estate unique value proposition isn’t just a fun exercise. It can and should be applied to your real estate marketing efforts!

It can be used on your real estate agent website. On your ‘About Me’ page. To help inform your Instagram bio. In real estate listing presentations.

And, of course, to answer that big question: “why you?”


Last Updated on May 30, 2024 by myRealPage

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