New Listing Details pages on MyRealPage websites

New Listing Details Pages On MyRealPage Websites
MyRealPage has introduced new, completely overhauled Listing Details pages. The focus of this update was to transform Listing Details views into both highly functional and highly attractive pages; as well as to maximize their potential for lead generation, especially in public searches. Today’s listings are often well decorated with high resolution photos and rich media, such as videos, virtual tours, and can be further enhanced with their map location and neighborhood information; so the Listing Details views needed to reflect this richness and present it in a very straightforward, accessible and attractive way. MyRealPage offers terrific tools for “enriching” your listing information, such as high-resolution photos (up to 800×800 pixels), lots of videos and virtual tours, both uploaded and embedded, Google Maps, Google Earth, Walk Score, custom listing banners, etc. Now this richness can shine through thanks to the new Listing Details templates.  In particular, the following is a brief compilation of features introduced by this update:
Listing Details templates
  • New crisp and highly versatile way to display listing information in a well-defined grid; such that the listing information looks great regardless of how much listing data is available for display
  • Two great templates to choose from: one with smaller photo and more information up top; and another with large photos running in a slideshow to showcase listing images. These templates can be individually selected for “My Listings”, “Office Listings” and “Search” pages. This, for example, allows you to choose “Photo centric” template for your own listings if you plan to upload your own high-resolution photos; and leave the regular template for the rest. An optional gallery with Ken Burns effect is also available.
  • Animated “Lightbox”  effect for high-resolution photos. Now your visitors can view your photos in their highest resolution to give them the maximum impact. (Click on the photo thumbnails)
  •  New printable view which embeds Google Map and larger thumbnails for more functional print-outs.
  • Separate full page tabs for Photos, Videos and Virtual Tours, Google Map, Google Earth and WalkScore
  • All listing details in public searches will display all available listing field names, and will only hide field values; this is useful in regions where the amount of information permitted to display without visitor login is limited. This way every field value that is hidden provides a “Signup Now” link: another path to lead generation.
  • Easy to use imperial and metric selectors which are located now right next to measurement values.
We hope you wil enjoy these updates.
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