3 Amazing Email Tools That Turn Realtors Into Lead-Generating Machines

3 Amazing Email Tools That Turn Realtors Into Lead-Generating Machines

No offense, but we’re betting that your email marketing game could be improved upon.

For little to no cost, email marketing packs a lot of punch when it comes to generating leads and building your brand.

But it only works if you work it, and that means using tools that help you streamline, focus and amp up your efforts.

There are hundreds of email tools and programs that promise to turn you into a lead generation, business-winning machine.

Some are free, some are expensive, some are simple to use, and others come with a steep learning curve. Read on for our favourite email marketing tools for realtors.

1. MailChimp

This email marketing program is uber popular, and for good reason: its platform makes designing a branded newsletter easy, it provides awesome analytics about how your emails are performing and, if you have 2,000 or less subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month for free.

If you have a bigger subscriber list (congrats — you’re doing something right), you can move up to the next plan, which is no big deal at only $30 per month.

The analytics are what can really help you improve your marketing efforts. You can delve into how many people opened your email, how many of them clicked on links, what links did best or worst (near the top or bottom? Text links or image links?), and which of your subscribers always open and click, versus the ones who almost never do.

When you know the trends, you can change them — by, for example, creating a new email campaign specifically for those aforementioned rare openers.

If you’re looking for a free way to create and send newsletters, this is your best bet; however, if you want to create drip campaigns (automated, targeted emails triggered by a date, event of subscriber activity), you’ll have to pay.

2. Hatchbuck

This is an email marketing tool, yes, but it’s also a powerful customer relationship management and automation program.

You can build and send emails, but you can also do a plethora of other things to help attract leads and turn leads into clients, with features and abilities like:

  • Highly customizable subscriber forms for your website that can help segment leads into buckets that allow for more targeted communications. For example, your form could ask a visitor whether their next home will be a condo, detached or semi-detached home; their answer would place them in a list specific to housing type.
  • See your contacts’ activities in real time, and have certain activities trigger automatic responses. For example, if contact John Smith has clicked several times on your link to current listings, the system could automatically send him a pre-made email of “listings of the week.”
  • Connect Hatchbuck to the email provider you use for your regular business email, so you can keep track of personal correspondence you’ve had with contacts.
  • An automatic scoring system for leads that qualifies them as hot or cold.

3. Wistia

Do you create video content? Wistia can help you turn views into leads.

The video hosting platform gives you the power to add an email collection field to your videos — at the beginning, in order to proceed with watching, or any time during — and it connects with popular email marketing programs, like MailChimp, to feed the leads to your subscriber list.

Analytics show you what parts of the video viewers skipped past, so you can optimize the placement of your email collection, and Twitter integration means your followers can watch the video directly from your tweets (another powerful way to collect addresses).

Another amazing way Wistia helps email marketing: by embedding video thumbnails in your email campaigns. When subscribers click through to the video on your site, they’ll be tagged by email address, so you can track effectiveness.

Amongst Mailchimp, Hatchbuck and Wistia, which tool are you most excited to try out?



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