How to Beat Writer’s Block For Your Real Estate Blog

How To Beat Writer’s Block For Your Real Estate Blog

This post was updated on 09/15/2017.

On some days (or maybe most days), it seems like everything is more interesting than writing a new blog post.

“Hm, I should probably clean the bathroom now.”

“Let’s see what’s in the fridge, even though I checked 10 minutes ago and I’m not really that hungry.”

“I should probably call Dad back.”

Three hours later, your home office might be free of dust, but your blog post? Still just a blank screen.

Writer’s block. We’ve all been there.

How do you defeat it? With these tips.

Read on!

Take a break

Seriously. If you’ve been staring at your screen or procrastinating for more than 15 minutes, give yourself a guilt-free time out.

Go for a walk around the block. Read a few pages of a book. Lay on the couch. If you feel like you’ll get carried away, set a timer.

But — and this is a big but — whatever you do, do not start another task. There’s a chance you’ll get sucked in and commit to finishing it, rather than get back to writing.

Do some social media digging

Sometimes writer’s block happens when your idea isn’t strong enough. In those cases, it’s not that you’re a bad writer — it’s that there’s not enough to write about. Time to find a new idea!

The best blog posts are the ones with topics that people want to read about. Obvious, right? To find those shiny *gems*, we like spending some time on Twitter.

Why? Because Twitter is a) where people often go to ask questions, express frustration, add their two cents or brag, and b) it’s a public platform (no creeping required). It’s people sharing their thoughts!

Use Twitter’s search function to search for keywords like “first home,” “bidding war,” “condo life,” etc. — basically, any term that might turn up users who are tweeting about their experiences trying to buy or sell a home.

Browse through enough tweets and you’re likely to discover a relevant topic that would make for a great, highly readable real estate blog post.

Create a content calendar

Ever heard the saying “planning prevents poor performance?”

It definitely applies to your real estate blog. This is where a blog schedule or content calendar comes in handy.

By planning and scheduling your posts weeks in advance, you can better prepare and create posts that perform well. Get all our tips for content calendar creation here.

Try the most “dangerous” writing tool

It’s called The Most Dangerous Writing App. It could be called “The Writing App That Forces You to Keep Going and Doesn’t Give Writer’s Block a Chance.”

How does it help you defeat the dreaded block? By deleting everything you’ve written if you stop typing.

Users are given a blank box and an adjustable time buffer. Once you start, you gotta keep going. If a few seconds go by without any keystrokes, poof – your work disappears.

It may seem extreme but that’s the point. You can’t afford to become distracted. You might type gibberish at first, to avoid the dreaded delete, but after a while, you’ll find your flow. Just make sure you copy completed paragraphs over to a Word or Google document, in the case of an emergency.


Want more tips on writing great blog content? Click here. Need more advice on how to grow your real estate blog? Tell us what you want to know in the comments!




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