INFOGRAPHICS: December 2022 CREB City And Region Market Reports

2022 saw record-high sales and double-digit price growth

December sales eased, however, slowing sales over the second half of 2022 were not enough to offset earlier gains as sales reached a record high of 29,672 units in 2022.

Over the past several months, the pullback in sales was also met with a significant pullback in new listings, causing further declines in inventory levels. As of December, there were 2,214 units available in Inventory, making it the lowest level of inventory reported for December in over a decade.

“Housing market conditions have changed significantly throughout the year, as sales activity slowed following steep rate gains throughout the later part of the year,” said CREB® Chief Economist Ann-Marie Lurie. “However, Calgary continues to report activity that is better than levels seen before the pandemic and higher than long-term trends for the city. At the same time, we have faced persistently low inventory levels, which have prevented a more significant adjustment in home prices this year.”

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The following data is a comparison between December 2022 and December 2021 numbers, and is current as of January 2023. For last month’s numbers, check out our previous infographic.

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Download Printable Version – December 2022 CREB, City of Calgary Report Part 1
Download Printable Version – December 2022 CREB, City of Calgary Report Part 2
Download Printable Version – December 2022 CREB, Calgary Region Report





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