How to Create Call-to-Action Buttons for Your Real Estate Website That Work

How to Create Call-to-Action Buttons for Your Real Estate Website That Work

This post was updated on 09/15/2017.

Warning: there’s a very important element of your real estate website that you’ve probably been overlooking.

Your call-to-action buttons.

You know, the text or image that you want your visitors to click on to take the next step — like emailing you, filling out a form, subscribing to your newsletter, or following you on Twitter.

Those buttons aren’t just buttons. They’re a hugely important part of your online marketing strategy. For a visitor to want to click, they need to be enticed to do so. Which is why you need to do better than a button that just says “Click here.”

To get you thinking creatively about your own call-to-action buttons, we’ve outlined three effective approaches.

Just remember: as with any part of your marketing strategy, experimentation is key. If your buttons aren’t getting the kind of traction that you want, try a different approach until you see improvement. And don’t cover your website in CTAs — multiple buttons on every page will do the exact opposite of what you’re hoping for.

“Discover the newest condo listings in Toronto”

The most effective calls-to-action are often the ones that promise value that can’t easily be found elsewhere. You want your website visitors to feel that by clicking on a button, they’ll be granted easy access to something they need and want.

For a real estate agent, this kind of call-to-action could entice visitors with:

  • The newest condo listings
  • Upcoming open houses in their neighbourhood
  • A neighbourhood guide
  • A eBook on how to prep their house to sell fast
  • A handbook for finding their dream home in their city
  • A gift of deals and discounts for places in their neighbourhood


“Today only: sign up and receive a free home assessment”

Don’t give your website visitors time to mull it over. Create a sense of urgency that will have them forking over their email address and signing up for emails right away. How? By creating a time limit around the value you’re offering.

Your goal with this kind of CTA is to make your visitors feel as though they’re missing out on something great if they don’t click your button right away. To do that, your promised value needs to be good (a list of open houses isn’t the best for a time-sensitive offer; a free home consultation is) and the window of time needs to be short (an offer that expires in a week creates much less urgency than one that expires in hours or days). order Harmonica Linea in Spain

“Want to sell your house this month? Let’s make it happen”

Sometimes the most effective CTA is the one that’s simply charming, funny, clever or personable. Not every CTA needs to offer a freebie. But those simple, to-the-point calls shouldn’t be boring (“Sign up for my newsletter” isn’t a very exciting button on your site).

Show some personality, while remaining succinct and on-message.

Oh, and on that note – keep your CTA voice consistent.

Do all your buttons talk to your visitor (ex: “Grab Your Buyer’s Kit Here”)? Keep doing that.

Do your CTAs speak in the voice of your visitor (ex: “Gimme That Buyer’s Kit!”)? Then keep on keepin’ on.

Consistency is key – even in the tone you choose to use in your call-to-action buttons.

What calls-to-action are working for you? Share your tips below.




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