The Smart Ways Realtors Are Using YouTube for Business

The Smart Ways Realtors Are Using YouTube For Business

Long live YouTube! 

Despite the many video-sharing platforms that have been introduced in recent years, YouTube has remained king, attracting millions of views and thousands of uploads each and every month. With such a huge and consistent audience, it only makes sense that realtors take advantage of YouTube as a marketing platform.

But, like with any channel, there are right ways and wrong ways to use YouTube as a way to market your real estate business.

The most YouTube-savvy realtors are creating videos with niche content — not a general marketing message, but hyper-focused material focused on one of their key areas of expertise.

Ready to do the same? Here are five smart ways that savvy realtors are marketing themselves on YouTube.

1. They’re interviewing their clients and networks.

Clients trust the perspectives of real people that they can relate to. Who better to feature in your videos than clients and professional contacts who know you personally?

Invite past, happy clients to sit down for an informal interview about their home-buying (or selling) experience. Ask them not to wax poetic about your skills, but to speak candidly about the process, what they were looking for and what they found.

You can also invite the mortgage professionals, decorators and contractors you know, for interviews in which they share their own expertise and offer advice to prospective buyers and sellers.

Just think: if you were in the shoes of prospective clients, what info would you find useful?

2. They’re turning written content into video.

You don’t always have to create brand new content for your videos. Turning your existing content, from your blog or newsletters, into videos is a great way to give it new life and attract a new audience.

When creating the video version, think of how your text can best translate to audio and visuals; use a combination of voice overs, slides, photography, music, illustration and other graphics to bring your points to life.

3. They’re live streaming.

Live video content surged in popularity in 2016. Strategic realtors are harnessing the trend by using Facebook and YouTube to publish live content, like Q&As, home tours and open houses.

The cost and effort to live stream is minimal; you’ll need only a strong internet connection, a device capable of recording relatively high-definition video, and best practices, like proper framing, lighting and sound.

4. They’re giving advice.

YouTube is host to a huge repository of advice and how-tos. A quick search for a question populates thousands of tutorials and advice.

Realtors are participating, too, creating videos that answer a plethora of popular questions from buyers and sellers. Source these sorts of questions from your clients and set about answering them in an engaging, short-and-sweet video.

5. They’re offering thought leadership.

Real estate, more than ever, is an incredibly hot topic. People love reading and listening to takes on affordability, inventory, new regulations and predictions for the future.

Experienced realtors already have this expertise, and they’re putting it to good use by creating thought leadership videos that offer insider perspectives on the real estate game. You can do the same by paying attention to the most current issues and interests, and creating videos that respond.

These kinds of videos pack major potential for success, especially if you use keywords (in your title and description) that people are searching for.


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