4 Ways You Can Make Your Website Social Media-Ready

4 Ways You Can Make Your Website Social Media-Ready

Nowadays, when the biggest home buyer and seller demographic includes a generation that is always online and is heavily into social media, social media marketing is a major aspect that every business needs to pay attention to. Not only does it help you reach your target audience, but it also drives much-desired traffic to your website, and can greatly contribute to firmly establishing your online identity as a brand.

There are many benefits to having a strong social media presence, and that’s why it’s important to make sure that your website is social media-ready as well. So how does one go about this, exactly? Here are a few tips.

Make sure that all of your website content is easy to share

From blog posts, to updates, to listings, to photos, to a link to the home page itself, make sure that your content is shareable. The best way to achieve this is by making use of social media buttons all around your site. These are small buttons or links in certain locations on your website that readers can simply click on, in order to share a piece of content to a specific social media platform.

This ease of use is vital, because one of the things that can turn someone off from sharing and spreading your content is having to go through multiple steps, just to be able to show a photo or article to someone else. In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s just simply too much of a bother, and the tendency is to simply move on and – more often than not – forget about it.

Don’t lose out on this opportunity for some helpful organic, word-of-mouth marketing!

Direct your social media accounts to your website, and vice versa

Reinforce your online identity by having social media accounts that lead back to your website… and make sure that viewers on your website also have a way to find you on social media!

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people tend to make is to forget creating this loop, and end up only directing traffic one way. Instead, be sure to include your website’s URL in your social media account’s About section and/or description, while also remembering to include links to your social media accounts on your website.

The reasoning behind this is that even if someone does stumble onto your site, not everyone will have the time (or patience) to visit your website directly each time they want updates from you. Instead, a lot of people tend to use their social media feeds as a type of news aggregator, and would prefer to see your updates within their news feeds, on a platform of their choosing.

Use widgets to make your social media accounts easy to follow

In relation to the point above, make the user experience even better for visitors on your site by using widgets that allow them to subscribe to your social media channel with just one click. Again, the less steps they have to go through in order to follow you or subscribe, the better.

Use interesting visuals with your content as much as possible

If you want those clicks back to your website, make sure to have something to catch people’s attention with!

Be aware that when something is shared over social media, what usually happens is that the first image included with the item or link being shared is used as the preview thumbnail, and is hence the one that ends up being displayed on Facebook, or Twitter, etc. Most website platforms have built-in tools that allow you to assign a featured image to a page or article, so be sure to make use of this function.

While it may not be possible for every single piece of content on your website to use images, do try to use nice, catchy visuals whenever possible. Also, take the time to better curate the images you pick, as well as decide on where they’re placed.

For example, in a listing, make sure that the first image in the set you have for it is that of the nicest photo of the property, or maybe the prettiest room, so that this is the image that shows up once it’s shared around. After all, you wouldn’t want the preview thumbnail on Facebook to be that of a boring laundry room or that of a garden shed, right?


These are just a few ways to make your real estate website social media-ready. In case you don’t have these on your site yet, don’t worry because it’s never too late to get started!




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