5 Key Tips for Getting More Views on Your Real Estate Instagram Reels

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Without a doubt, Instagram Reels are the number-one way to boost your Instagram marketing efforts.

But if you’re creating real estate Instagram Reels and getting minimal views and low engagement in return, it can be easy to get discouraged and scale back your efforts. 

Don’t do it! Chances are that your real estate Instagram Reel strategy just needs a little tweaking. 

Start with these five key tips for boosting engagement and getting more views on your Reels.

Take Advantage of Trends

By trends, we mean the memes, audio tracks and songs that reign in popularity for weeks at a time. 

Most viral and high-performing Reels make use of these; the most successful Instagram content creators know that being quick to use a trending photo or audio clip boosts their chances of getting their Reel discovered.

This strategy works for real estate agents, too. Participating in social media trends shows your audience and the Instagram algorithm that you’re in the know, which will help get your Reel seen by more people. 

Not every single real estate Instagram Reel you create needs to make use of a trend, but it’s a good way to try to incorporate them as much as possible.

Check out this post for tips on where to discover what music, audio and memes are trending.

Maximize Your Reel Quality

Before radically changing up the content of your Reels, stop to evaluate the quality.

The following factors could all impact your Reels’ performance:

  • Resolution and size. The quality and dimensions of the photos and videos you use for your Reels significantly impact how they look and perform. If you shoot video in low-resolution and don’t use the ideal Reel-specific dimensions, your Reels may end up looking pixelated (fuzzy) or awkwardly cropped. Here’s what Instagram recommends.
  • Messaging. Is the point of your Reel clear? Are your jokes landing? Or is your messaging getting lost in translation? Clarity is key; if your audience doesn’t immediately get the gist of your Reel, they’re going to move on.
  • Aesthetics. Your Reels need to look professional. Your transitions (how you move from clip to clip) should be smooth, text should be legible, audio should be crisp and the overall style should feel contemporary and representative of your real estate branding. 
  • On-screen text. A high percentage of social media users — anywhere from 69% to 85% — watch video without the sound on. If you’re not consistently using on-screen text, either in the form of captioning or brief blurbs that adequately summarize the content of your Reels, you’re likely losing out on engagement. 

Perfect Your Captions and Hashtags

A well-crafted real estate Reel caption and well-curated hashtags will help maximize the reach of your Reel.

That’s because the Instagram algorithm analyzes every element of your content to determine who might be interested in seeing it and whether it’s worth showing them.

Your caption should:

  • Start with an opening line that commands attention
  • Be written in your brand voice and tone
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Include keywords related to your Reel topic and your business (think about what someone on Instagram looking for content like yours might search for)

Your hashtags are important, too. Choose between three and five for each Reel, which you can include at the bottom of your caption. Here are some tips for choosing the best real estate hashtags on Instagram.

Cross-Promote on Other Platforms (and Elsewhere on Instagram)

You need to be actively driving traffic to your Reels if you want to increase your views and boost engagement

There are several ways to do it:

  • Share your newly published Reels to your Instagram Stories with an enticing call-to-action to tap and watch
  • Embed Reels in relevant real estate blog posts
  • Link to Reels in relevant real estate newsletters

Engage With Your Audience

To boost views and engagement, you need to participate.

“Like” any comments you receive and write sincere responses. Promptly respond to direct messages. And spend time engaging with other people’s content — like, share and comment on other Instagram Reels in hopes that the user will do the same for your content. 


Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by myRealPage

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