Create the Best Real Estate Website Easily

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:

A well-designed real estate website is one of the most effective tools available to real estate agents for establishing credibility and attracting clients.

Building and maintaining a real estate website doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated or time- and labour-intensive.

The right real estate website builder does all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is choose the designs you like, add the content you need and make the customizations you want. Then sit back and watch your real estate website bring in leads.

What makes a real estate website builder the best way to create a great real estate website?

We’ll show you. Read on to learn how to create the best real estate website with myRealPage.

Professionally Designed Templates for Real Estate Agents & Teams

To create a strong first impression, your real estate website needs to look good.

That’s why myRealPage offers a library of designer-made real estate website themes with a wide range of aesthetics to suit individual tastes. 

The templates are sleek, modern and come in a variety of colour palettes (so you can keep your website aligned with your real estate branding). 

Every template can be easily customized with your own content so that your website looks and sounds like you. And when you’re ready to refresh your site, changing the look is as easy as swapping themes with a few quick clicks. 

Something else that’s key: myRealPage websites are fully responsive. You never have to worry whether your website looks good and functions properly when accessed from different devices with screens of varying sizes. 

A Drag-and-Drop Interface

Website builders aren’t always as easy to use as they claim to be. If every tool needs a detailed tutorial, you’re not saving any time.

The myRealPage real estate website builder has a drag-and-drop interface that’s incredibly user-friendly. 

You don’t need any coding expertise or design skills. Just drag-and-drop your way to a professional and captivating real estate website.

Integrated Marketing Tools

Some website builders are just that: tools to create your website and publish it online.

With the myRealPage real estate website builder, agents get access to a variety of built-in marketing tools that can be leveraged to create content, promote listings and generate leads.

These tools include Starter Pages and Marketing Tab.

Starter Pages

myRealPage Starter Pages is a plug-and-play, drag-and-drop tool designed specifically for real estate agents who need custom web pages. 

The tool offers a variety of specially designed templates that can be completely customized to achieve your specific purpose, such as a custom page to promote a specific building or a landing page for a specific neighbourhood

The templates make it possible to add images, IDX integration and lead capture forms, and to personalize the look and feel so it matches your branding. 

Like myRealPage websites, Starter Pages doesn’t require any knowledge of web design or coding. All you have to do is bring your own content and then click, tap and drag-and-drop elements until the page meets your expectations.

Marketing Tab

myRealPage’s Marketing Tab tool lets real estate agents create professional real estate feature sheets and real estate postcards with just a few clicks.

The professionally designed templates can pull in content from live listings so that agents don’t have to start from scratch every time. 

Here’s how it works:

  • myRealPage users can select a template from the myRealPage library or have one designed specifically for them.
  • Once a template has been picked, information and photos from a selected listing can be automatically loaded into the layout (no need to copy and paste) and other content can be added.
  • Agents can make adjustments to the content and design elements of the postcard or feature sheet until it’s exactly right.
  • When it’s done, the feature sheet or postcard can be saved as a PDF. Agents can print it at home or send it to a printer for a professional look and finish.

Ready to Create the Best Real Estate Website?

We’ll make switching to myRealPage a breeze.

We’ll transfer your content over from another provider so that you can get started stress-free — AND we’ll give you 50% off for three months, plus waive the set-up fee. 

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