Why The Best Real Estate Agents Put Clients First

Why The Best Real Estate Agents Put Clients First

Ready for the cold, hard truth?

Any realtor can be good.

But not every realtor is truly great.

To be great and memorable means going above and beyond for your clients.

Case in point: is anything more valuable than a shining testimonial or referral?

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. A truly happy client can help generate 20 new clients. Not to mention validation and rock-solid credibility to your biz and services.

But getting that coveted testimonial or referral means being great.

Want to be among real estate agents that take client satisfaction levels from good to great? Read on for tips on how to go above and beyond for your clients.

Deal with issues before your client knows about it

It’s rare that a deal gets done without issue. Most of the time, those issues get dealt with, though not without your client feeling stressed.

Be a gold-standard realtor by taking care of the issue before your client even finds out.

If your seller’s prospective buyer is concerned about a leaking tap, get your trusted plumber over there to look at it before your client has time to worry.

If a seller has shut down your buyer’s request for a new roof, negotiate for something else and then come back to your client with something positive, rather than a flat-out rejection.

Take a cue from this realtor in Clearwater, Florida. When the closing of her seller’s house was threatened at the last moment because of knee-high grass that wasn’t taken care of, she headed over and mowed it herself. Champ!

Send personalized updates

Maybe you (or your assistant) are already sending newsletters. And you’re most definitely already sending your clients new listings to check out. How about combining the two into a personalized newsletter, just for your client?

Send this email once or a few times a week, depending on how much content you have to share. In addition to new listings, you can include:

  • A recap of any industry or local news that could affect their home search or sale
  • Details on a comparable home in the area that just sold
  • An upcoming local event you think they’d be interested in
  • A coupon or sale you came across for something that matches their interests
  • A funny meme about home buying or selling


Act as a friend

You don’t have to become your client’s BFF to be the best possible realtor. But taking on the occasional friend duty — like any of the ones listed below — can help you achieve superstar status:

If your client:

  • Is a new mom: be willing to meet or chat during her baby’s nap times
  • Has a dog: walk the furball while they prep for an open house
  • Is downsizing: help organize a garage sale for them
  • Has a young family: pay for a babysitter, so they can celebrate after they sell or buy a house
  • Is a first-time homebuyer: snap their picture beside the ‘Sold’ sign, then print and frame it for them
  • Is new to the area: give them a list of the local businesses and service providers that you (and your friends or family) recommend — such as dry-cleaners, babysitters, takeout pizza, yoga studios, coffee shops, mechanics, and restaurants — along with contact information, and why you recommend them


Help in times of trouble

Similar to taking on friend duty, pitching in to help out when your client is facing personal challenges will ensure a lifelong testimonial (and great karma).

We’ve heard of realtors driving their client to chemo treatments when their usual ride couldn’t make it. Or looking after pets when a family emergency takes their client out of town.

Getting to know your clients personally is always a good thing. It helps you tailor your approach to their specific needs and personality, but it also means you’ll be able to offer the right help when your client is having a hard time.

Simply extending your assistance will prove to your client that you have their best interests at heart.


Be sneaky, but thoughtful

It might not be a secret that you’re hoping for a glowing testimonial or a referral. But your efforts to earn a flawless review don’t need to be obvious. In fact, they should be a little bit sneaky.

The best gifts or surprises are often the ones that the giver doesn’t want thanks or praise for. Like when you get your bill only to realize that your server comped your drinks.

When it comes to doing nice things for your client, take the same approach. Try one of the following ideas:

  • Order pizza to your client’s new home on moving day
  • Prepay for a home cleaning service, and have the service email your client to book
  • Purchase a personal gift (related to something they’ve mentioned to you before, such as a love of cooking or a passion for board games) and have it delivered to their home
  • Gift them with a subscription to a magazine, flower delivery, or wine-of-the-month. Be sure that your name or initials show up somewhere: you don’t want your client to think they’re on the hook


When was a time you’ve gone above and beyond for a client?



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