9 TikTok Real Estate Accounts You Should Be Following for Inspiration

TikTok isn’t going anywhere. 

You may have written the video app off as a social media fad, but it’s proven that it’s here to stay. 

In fact, amongst certain demographics, it’s even more popular than Instagram.

Why? Because it’s creative. Interactive. Engaging (even addictive). And because it turns out to be a great way to market your real estate business.

If you’re having a hard time understanding how to best show up on TikTok as a real estate agent, we get it. (Psst: here are 5 Easy TikTok Video Ideas For REALTORS® to get you thinking).

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. Like checking out what other agents are doing on TikTok.

Here are nine TikTok real estate accounts you should be following for inspiration.


Jen Crouse is a real estate agent from Pittsburgh who markets her real estate business on TikTok by showing up in a lighthearted way.

You won’t find listing tours or advice for sellers on Jen’s TikTok account. Instead, she focuses on making people laugh by pointing out things about the real estate industry that agents, buyers and sellers can all appreciate.

Another thing you won’t find: fancy transitions or effects. Jen’s success (over 19,000 followers and more than 520,000 likes) is proof that you don’t need to be an editing whiz to make great TikTok content.


Vanessa the realtor is a Toronto-based agent who is juuuust starting to see her following take off. 

Why have we included her? Because she experiments with a variety of real estate content — sneak peeks of listings, tips for buyers, neighbourhood comparisons, and so on. 

Some of her content nets thousands of likes. Other videos, not so much. But she tries it all to see what sticks. And so should you. 


On Instagram, The Broke Agent has always been a reliable source for hilarious real estate memes

On TikTok, he’s doing the same thing.

Want to try your hand at creating some real estate humour content on TikTok but aren’t sure where to start?

Let the Broke Agent’s channel inspire you.


Steevie is a real estate agent in central Ontario who has amassed a whopping 100K+ followers on TikTok. It’s easy to see why.

Value. She takes on hard real estate questions and gives to-the-point answers that are useful for buyers and sellers.

Humour. She sneaks in the odd funny real estate life video to lighten things up.

Personality. She lets her personality (and personal life) shine in her content. If you watch her TikToks, you get a good sense of who she is — great for potential clients.


To be fair, Ryan Serhant isn’t your everyday real estate agent who made it big on TikTok. He’s a mini celebrity, a big-time agent who has appeared on real estate reality TV.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not worth following on TikTok.

His content is made to grab attention and encourage engagement.

From jaw-dropping real estate listings to hilarious or shocking stories-from-the-field to envy-inducing looks at his fabulous life, Serhant knows how to get people to pay attention.


This Canadian real estate agent and podcast host focuses on telling it straight. And that’s what makes him stand out on TikTok. 

You won’t find home tours set to pop songs on his channel. Instead, you’ll find him breaking down real estate news headlines and taking viewers on deep dives to understand the latest stats.

His content is a great example of how you can cut through the noise and grow your following by using your insights and experience to dig deeper and share real value.


On the opposite end of the spectrum from Daniel Foch is Tyler Hassman, a Calgary-area real estate agent who has over 34,000 followers because of his hype-man approach.

Hassman has really zeroed in on producing high-energy listing tours with production value to match — think smooth transitions and zooms, a slick soundtrack and the delivery of an experienced TV personality.

His style may not be for everyone, but his content is a great example of how to take TikTok listing tours up a notch.

@tylerhassman Two story condo tour in Calgary, Alberta. Hitting the market next week at $296,860 💰#calgaryrealestate #yycrealestate #calgaryrealtor #yycrealtor ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim


Working out of Fraser Valley, real estate agent Conor Kelly has built his TikTok audience by pretty much just talking to the camera.

Often shot from his car, Kelly offers unscripted takes and advice on the current market situation, property types, neighbourhoods, investing and so on.

He’s laidback, frank and lets his personality and his approach come through in his content.

Another good example of not requiring major production value (or on-camera practice) to resonate with viewers.


Leah Jensen is a Greater Toronto Area real estate agent who knows that variety and authenticity are two of the keys to success in real estate marketing on TikTok.

She makes sure to vary her content regularly, from humour to advice to answering follower questions to day-in-the-life to personal stuff.

When she provides advice and insights, she does so authentically, without overselling. It’s easy to see why her audience would trust her as an agent.

Last Updated on May 6, 2024 by myRealPage

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