5 Caption Ideas for REALTORS® To Share In The Month Of May

5 Caption Ideas for REALTORS® To Share In The Month Of May

While planning your social media marketing content for May, take a second to think about how your followers and clients are feeling right now.

Use that information to guide what you post and the tone you use for this month. If your followers are looking to you for the same great real estate information as always, give that to them.

If they’re instead looking to you for how to adapt their home buying and selling expectations at this time, speak to them with a compassionate voice, holding space for their concerns.

You want to be seen as understanding, human and genuine on social media. So, read the (virtual) room, adjust your captions’ tone to reflect what people need, and remain relevant to not only real estate, but our collective thoughts and feelings right now.


5 Social Media Caption Ideas For Your Real Estate Channels

With everything that’s changed over the last few months, having social media caption ideas laid out for you will save your brain from stressing over one more thing.

Use these five caption ideas to write your Instagram or Facebook content for the month. Then batch schedule your posts in a scheduling app like Later or Buffer.

Once that’s done, you can spend your time on social media responding to comments and engaging with people in your DMs.

So in other words, use these captions to set it and forget it.


1. May 5th: National Teacher’s Day

Teachers are pillars in the community, no matter where you live. Give them a shoutout on your social media profile, commending them on the tough job they have, their altruistic efforts and possibly even how resilient they’ve been over the last couple of months.

Do you know a local teacher who’s switched to teaching their class online? Perhaps she’s even saved the sanity of parents with her engaging lessons for kids?

Or is there a teacher in your community who goes above and beyond the call of duty? Does he volunteer and encourage students to do the same?

You can post a quote card on May 5th thanking all the teachers for their tireless efforts to keep our kids educated. Or, you could pick out that one special teacher you know, post a picture of them and tag them in your caption. Share exactly how they are a beacon of light in your town.

Positive, feel-good stories of local heroes don’t just boost up one member of the community; they give everyone a sense of hope and pride in their town. Now might be a great time to spread some of this love.


2. May 10th: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a huge holiday to recognize in your social media planning this month. Moms have always been working hard for their kids, but consider if your clientele may have been juggling childcare and full-time work in the last few weeks.

Use a stock image of a mom with her kids for your feed, and create a caption that recognizes the ingenuity and patience that moms have displayed.

If you’re a parent yourself, consider sharing a story of how tough things have been lately, but that you’ve discovered a silver lining. Maybe you’ve decided to focus on the gift of extra time with your kids right now, rather than the frustration of no child care.

Mother’s Day is a great time to share what’s on your heart. smm panel If you don’t have kids yourself, think of what you’d like to say to your mom for all she did for you, or simply write a caption saying you’re in awe of all the moms out there, doing the best they can, every single day.


3. May 18th: Victoria Day Long Weekend

If you’re in Canada, it’s the first long weekend of the spring/summer season. Monday, May 18th is a holiday from work, and many people like to get out of the city or spend some time outdoors.

Here’s where you can flex your muscles on knowing your town and online community well. If there are still restrictions in place on social gatherings, get creative and suggest a few activities families could do from their own backyards or living rooms.

Suggest having a family BBQ and getting the kids involved in the planning and cooking of a favourite meal. Offer some links or tag accounts that are local to you who are providing online alternatives for fun activities. Teachers, artists and performers are showing up online giving puppet shows, teaching drawing and even demonstrating how to garden.

If you aren’t in Canada, you can still share these options for fun in your social media content, perhaps on Memorial Day (May 25th). Not only will you again be seen as the expert in your town, but you’ll also be tagging and supporting local businesses that have pivoted their offerings to reach people at home, rather than in person.

P.S. This is content that is easily shareable, helping to boost your visibility.


4. May 22nd: Outdoor Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Now that the weather has turned a corner and people are itching to be outside, it’s also a great time to clean up and perform simple maintenance on the exterior of people’s homes.

Select an image of a home to use in your real estate social media feed and then write a caption with a list of ideas that homeowners can tackle themselves to keep their houses in tip-top shape.

Here are a few examples you can include:

  • Examine roof shingles for any winter damage
  • Check exterior patios with concrete slabs for cracks
  • Check the flow of water to outside faucets and examine hoses for any cracks
  • Clean and start lawn mowers and weed eaters to make sure they’re ready for summertime use
  • Paint the exterior (garage door, front door, trim, etc.)


5. May 29th: Local Real Estate Roundup for May

Many of your followers look to you for real estate information. Provide the most up-to-date statistics you have from your local real estate board (e.g. TRREB, VREB), but translate it into a caption that people can understand.

Add in your own insights from the month:

  • Were sales up or down from this time last year?
  • How has selling a home changed this spring?
  • Are bidding wars still a common occurrence?
  • What’s the general sentiment of your client base?


If you wanted to show a little of your personality, you could record these insights in a short video. People will get to know you better, get used to hearing your voice and associate you with providing quick, easy-to-understand real estate insights.


Which of these ideas will you share this month with your followers? 




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